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Our Australia stands for individual liberty, small government, Western values, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society. Our Australia has no place for big government, racism, moral relativism, divisive multiculturalism or tolerance for the intolerant. Migrants do not dream of a new life in Australia because we are a Socialist, Islamic or tribal society. Migrants come for the freedom, justice and prosperity only Western civilisation creates. Support Australian Liberty Alliance and donate or join up today.

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Statement by Exec Board

Debbie Robinson, President ALA

Following extensive deliberation, the Executive Board of Australian Liberty Alliance has agreed not to join with the Australian Conservatives.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: How can I support ALA?
All the information and forms you need are available to read, download and print on our resources page or contact the party office to have hard copies posted to you.

Once you are a member you will receive information on how to become involved with ALA in your electorate and state, our policy development committees and other areas as we work towards the next federal or state election.

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Join members and supporters of ALA to discuss politics, policies and current affairs on Facebook.  If you don't have a Facebook account yet, it's free and easy to set one up.

Stop the Islamisation of Australia

Dabio - A Call to Hijrah

To stop the Islamisation of Australia we will take a series of rational and practical policies to the 2016 elections. One of these policies is a 10-year moratorium on resident visa applications from nationals of the 56 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Latest News

President's Post Election Message

13 July 2016

DR Portrait

Dear Friends,

I am writing to thank supporters and volunteers for their momentous support and determination over the past weeks. It has been an amazing effort. The count so far makes it clear that, after only eight months, our message and party recognition was not strong enough to win seats at this election.

Supporters please take heart and feel proud of what has been achieved. We launched on 20th October 2015 from scratch. We built a foundation of members and supporters throughout the country with little to no mainstream advertising and a limited budget.

In less than 9 months we have come from nowhere to beat parties that have sitting Senators and existed much longer than ALA. In the national Senate count as of yesterday morning, there are 11 parties above and 41 below us.



8 October 2015

The national president of the Australian Liberty Alliance Party, Mrs Debbie Robinson, has confirmed in an email sent to party members this evening (Melbourne time) that after a long wait Mr Wilders