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Join Up And Stand With Us!

Party Membership Form

Whether you consider to support our policies and candidates quietly from the sidelines, become active with ALA in your local community, get involved in policy development or help with the many activities behind the scenes, the first step is to join up as a party member. 

You can either contact the office and ask for the membership form to be posted to you, or you can download and print the form by clicking on the following link: Party Membership Form

While payments can be made online via Paypal, credit card or bank transfer, we require your signed membership form for auditing purposes.

Please familiarise yourself with our Manifesto and Constitution.  We have a one-off joining fee for party members of $10 plus a special flat rate of $10 for dues for new members joining during the 2016/17 membership year. From 1 July 2017 the normal membership dues will be $72 per year and $36 for members eligible for concession and full-time students. To join as party member you need to be enrolled (or entitled to be enrolled) on the federal electoral roll and not a member of any other political party. 

If you are not entitled to enrol to vote in Australian federal elections, you can still join ALA as Social Member. This membership class is for permanent residents of Australia and friends from overseas. Australian citizens should always join as party member.

For party members to take part in certain activities, or to stand as political candidate, we have an additional endorsement process.

Please contact the office with any questions you may have.