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Limited Party Operation

27 August 2016
Limited Party Operation

On 25 September 2016 ALA president Debbie Robinson sent a letter to members and supporters advising the party operation would enter a holding pattern for 12-18 months. In summary: Key party members need to commit time and resources to other matters for a period. Adequate resources to fund the development of the party organisation and to contest elections in the next 12-18 months are currently not available. Therefore ALA offices and the core party infrastructure can only operate with skeleton staff during this period, but will be ready to shift back into campaign mode once adequate resources become available. Policy development, social activities and online activism will continue during this period.

Lead candidate Kirralie Smith will take up the role of public voice for ALA and all concerned Australians who demand a realistic conservative solution to the problems we face.

The letter in pdf format can be accessed here:

PDF icon img20160825_10435973.pdf