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Our Australia stands for individual liberty, small government, Western values, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society. Our Australia has no place for big government, racism, moral relativism, islamisation, divisive multiculturalism or tolerance for the intolerant. Migrants do not dream of a new life in Australia because we are a Socialist, Islamic or tribal society. Migrants come for the freedom, justice and prosperity only Western civilisation creates. Support Australian Liberty Alliance and donate or join up today.

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ALA Firearm Policy January 2018

ALA Firearm Policy January 2018

  of the legitimate use of guns for law abiding Australians. Furthermore, it is an attempt to stop the illegal use of arms. Finally, ALA’s policy aim is to streamline the National Firearms Policy and minimise government red tape. 1.... [Read more]

Join the dots. Then join the party.

If you can't see the video frame on your device, please click on below link to watch the video directly on Vimeo

Join the dots. Then join the party. from Australian Liberty Alliance on Vimeo. Debbie Robinson on the strange mental illness that makes Muslims all over the world drive cars into pedestrians and the need to stop Islam. Remind your... [Read more]

Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

Dear Friends, As we look forward to 2018 and reflect on the year that was, we want to share some thoughts with our members and friends. You will remember we called a hiatus of 12 to 18 months after the... [Read more]

Thank you Bennelong

Thank you Bennelong

I’d like to thank all the hard workers, who helped before and during the Bennelong by-election yesterday. We only had a small number of volunteers and managed to maintain our percentage in this difficult by-election. We had a three week... [Read more]

Tony Robinson: It's time for a democratic disruption

Tony Robinson: It's time for a democratic disruption

Tony Robinson, the endorsed candidate of ALA for the Bennelong by-election stated on Sunday “It’s time for a democratic disruption, time to vote career politicians out.” “What the Liberals are playing is diversified multi-brand marketing and the new name of... [Read more]

Latest News

Bigpond Problems

11 October 2017
Telstra image

A number of members with Bigpond email accounts report that they do not receive our emails. After checking with Telstra support, it became clear that a number of organisations have the same problem sending emails to their members or customers... [Read more]

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

24 July 2017
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Q1: How can I support ALA?
Information and forms are available to read, download and print on our resources page or contact the party office to have hard copies posted to you.

Once you are a member you will receive information on how to become involved with ALA in your electorate and state, our policy development committees and other areas as we work towards the next federal or state election.

[Read more]