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Southern Metro Avi Yemini & Kaylah Jones

Avi Yemini


Avi Yemini was born and grew up in Melbourne to become an outspoken right-wing political activist and media personality, well known outside his own Jewish community. After serving three years with the Israeli Defence Forces, Yemini returned to Melbourne and founded a line of Israeli Defence Force (IDF) training gyms. He is also the founder of ‘J-Safe’, a Jewish community group established in 2016 as a response to a growing number of home invasions in Caulfield and surrounds.

Yemini works independently and creates video content online. He has appeared on numerous Australian television shows including The Project, Sunrise and the Today show. In January 2017, Yemini raised over $140,000 for the Hakin family after the Bourke Street attack.

In 2018, Avi Yemini was announced by the Australian Liberty Alliance as candidate for the Southern Metro Region. With his firm focus on community service and safety, Avi will work hard as your elected representative to take back Victoria.


Born and raised in Queensland, Kaylah moved to Victoria in 2015. Spending her time volunteering at the local animal shelter and caring for chronically ill family members, Kaylah found her passion for community work and seeking political solutions to improve Victoria’s overloaded health services. Kaylah firmly stepped up into the political arena after seeing the impact of ethnic gang terror in Melbourne.

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Yeah mate you got my vote being a Ex South African I can see the same pattern of lawlessness in Melbourne

Dear Avi

My husband and I have just watched you through a link from our son.

We are so impressed with you and the courage you show to stand up for what we all believe in.

I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit to you that I wasted my vote today through my own ignorance.

It’s not that I don’t care I do I guess it’s more a case of I have to vote or I will be fined and not taking the time to make my vote really count.

I believe in respect and humanity and a better world for my Grandchildren.

Sometimes I do feel I can’t say what I really think through fear of reprocucion.

You are so right to call out those who have no respect or regard for life or the law in general be it Islamic terrorism, rape or murder.

I applaud you Avi, you are respectful in your approach and keep to the point even when faced with a barrage of abuse being hurled at you.

Keep it up and next time around my support will be with you.
I wish I could take my vote back today and give it to you Avi
All the best
Karen Johnson

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