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Eastern Metro Dr Indirah Bivieca & Royston Wilding

Dr Indhira Bivieca, Melbourne, Metro East

Indhira lives in the Eastern Metropolitan region and works in Melbourne’s public healthcare sector. Born in the Dominican Republic, she graduated from Autonomy University of Santo Domingo, worked as a General Practitioner, before practising in a clinic in the capital.

Indhira immigrated to Australia in 2012. “I settled in Melbourne’s East, the place I call home and have become a proud and patriotic Australian citizen.” Indhira is deeply concerned that Melbourne is no longer the safe city she came to. The escalating cost of living and the increasing congestion on roads are also issues she is poised to tackle. “I’m fearful of Melbourne’s crime tsunami, home invasions, gang violence and the inability of police, government and judicial system to deal with these problems effectively.” Indhira asks: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

Indhira’s running mate is Royston Wilding. He was born in Australia and spent his early childhood in New Zealand. Royston matriculated with honours at Geelong Grammar school, then went on to Melbourne and Swinburne Universites. He had a successful career in Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Marketng. Royston is now a self-funded retiree and troubled by the crime wave sweeping what was once the world’s most liveable city. The cost of living, especially from escalating energy prices, the expanding nanny state and threats to freedom-of-speech, have been disastrous for Victorians across the board.

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