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Thank You for voting ALA


While counting is still under way, get daily updates from the VEC website:

Vote for ALA in all Upper House regions of Victoria, as well as in the Lower House district of Yan Yean. 

Simply place a 1 in the ALA box above the black line of large ballot paper. If you vote in the district of Yan Yean, you can also for ALA candidate Siobhann Brown in the Lower House. In the 87 other districts we do not stand a candidate yet, we suggest you put Lib/Nats, ALP and Greens last (in this order) and preference a local independent, or reasonable minor party candidate. 

Click the below link for your area to view or download our How To Vote Card. 

Southern Metro Region

Eastern Metro Region

Northern Metro Region

Western Metro Region

South Eastern Metro Region

Northern Victoria Region

Western Victoria Region 

Eastern Victoria Region 

Yan Yean District


If you don't know your region, or would like to find the nearest voting centre, the VEC Location Finder will help.