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Of Synagogues, Mice and Mosques

Following the controversial rejection by a Sydney court of a new synagogue in Bondi, based partially on fear of reprisals from Islamic radicals, ALA's Debbie Robinson asks whether we let Islam scare us all so much, that we reverse our morality and bow to bullies. Are we mice or men? 


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The REAL question here should be......WHY are the synagogues being refused instead of the gov't eliminating the danger from Islamic Radicals????
Meanwhile the gov't allow the radicals to proliferate their Mosques and Madrassas everywhere at alarming rates.
How many Jews in AUS, as opposed to ISLAMICS? How many synagogues versus Mosques alone (not counting Madrassas) - supposedly over 400 just in QLD.
Perhaps the judicial system and the City Planners should explain why the numbers are so favorable to ISLAM????

So wrong on every level but of course the UN is behind all this to stop Christianity becoming popular again.

I cannot understand how the Australian people do not see a creeping danger here Debbie Robinson has it 100% correct the people we have in Canberra & state capitols not to mention the Yarra Council have only one agenda & that is the advancement of their career & the rest of us mostly our grand children will cop the fallout. I feel very lucky to have come to this country & grow up as an Aussie.

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