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Stop This Mosque in Melton

A secretive planning application for a mosque has infuriated local residents.

Melton City Council, a semi-rural community at the western fringe of Melbourne, is trying to sneak through a planning application for a large mosque on over 100,000 sqm of rural land - without properly notifying the local residents.

The location is 171-197 Harkness Road in Melton West.

Download a copy of the planning application Application-for-PA2017-5728.pdf

Download a copy of the mosque plans: Plans-for-PA2017-5728.pdf

Download a flyer explaining what a mosque is: Mosque Explained Flyer A5.pdf

What to expect when a mosque comes to town:

For planning applications of this magnitude, impacting a large number of residents, the Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987 mandates a public notice in the local papers. However, for this 100,000sqm Islamic project, council merely put up a small sign at the property fence and supposedly gave notification to the most immediate neighbours.

The applicant, a 'Melbourne Islamic Centre Ltd', has provided as business address on their appplication an empty block of land in Sydney's western fringe. This 'Melbourne Islamic Centre' is managed by three Pakistani gentlemen, who are active as property developers in Sydney and Melbourne - as well as spreading fundamentalist Islam. There are good reasons to object to this inappropriate mosque. We have listed some below. 

If you are a resident in the City of Melton and share these concerns, you need to lodge a formal objection today. The matter is urgent as the council may decide any day now.

You can do this in three ways:

Online by submitting your objection from the council website

In writing by sending your objection to:

City of Melton
PO Box 21
Melton, VIC 3337

In person by dropping off you objection at 

Melton City Council, 232 High Street, Melton, VIC 3337

Make sure the mark your objection with the following:

171-197 Harkness Road, Harkness VIC 3337
Planning Application Number: PA2017/5728

Here are some of the reasons why we find this mosque inappropriate and objectionable:

1. The Application for Planning Permit form is inconclusive and incomplete.

(a) It is unclear whether the applicant actually conducts a legitimate business in Australia. At the business address provided by applicants 142 Riverstone Road, Riverstone, NSW 2765, according to 2018 Google Map Data, CoreLogic RP data retrieved on 6 March 2018 and a site visit on 6 March 2018, there is no sign of any business.

The address is in fact an empty block, apparently designated for residential development. Section 142(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 requires a business to have a registered office and section 145(1) of the Act requires a public company to have certain opening hours of that business address to the public. The applicant apparently has neither.

Council must reject the current application and clarify with whom council is dealing with in respect to any future application.

(b) The applicant relies on her claim that this new application is merely replacing the expired planning permit PA2012/3458, which the applicant failed to act on before it expired. However, since the first planning permit was considered and issued in 2012, substantial developments have occurred in the municipality. Council must take this into account. The altered traffic conditions in and out of Harkness Road, demands on utilities (in particular in respect to water supply and sewerage connection), amenities of bordering developments and recent advancements in sustainable building and energy use, must be taken into account. Council must reject the application as it cannot rely on mere assurances based on the expired permit. Planning permits are issued with an expiry period for good reason.

(c) In the files published by the council, the applicant as well as her consultants, failed to provide their ABN or ACN on the application form. This is a legal requirement for incorporated entities. Further, the applicant has left unanswered the owner details, but then ticked the box asserting that the owner has been notified of the permit. These are formal deficiencies on which council should have rejected the application.

2. Council failed to give adequate public notice pursuant to s52 (1)(d)of the PE Act 1987. In particular council has failed to publish a notice in a newspaper circulating in the area. The proposed mosque would not only change the rural characteristic of the area and amenity, but the very nature of the project, i.e. the establishment of a “Melbourne Islamic Centre” by a fundamentalist Pakistani Islamic group, is of general concern and may cause material detriment to the wider Melton community.

At the very least, the community must be notified and given an opportunity to voice concerns. Given the size and divisiveness of the project, council must provide adequate public notice. Otherwise, councillors will not have satisfied themselves, that the proposal does not negatively impacts or cause material detriment to persons in the municipality.

3. The planned mosque discriminates against women. The proposed mosque segregates women from men. The assigned area for women is less than half the size allocated for men (280 sqm vs 120 sqm). This is testament to the fundamentalist mind set of the applicants. Under Islamic law women are declared deficient require a second woman to make a valid statement before courts and are allocated only half the inheritance of a male relative. However, in Australia discrimination on gender grounds is prohibited under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984. “The Sex Discrimination Act gives effect to Australia's obligations under the ‘Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women’ and certain aspects of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 156. Its major objectives are to promote equality between men and women and to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex.” Council must not become liable to facilitate such breach of Australian law and universal human values by approving the application in its current form.

4. Council has not adequately considered water usage in this mosque. When 60+ worshippers perform ritual ablutions before each of their five daily prayers, this has noticeable impact on both fresh water use and sewerage. The planning application makes no reference to these special circumstances. Council should reject the application and require the applicant to provide an assessment in respect to planned water use, conservation of drinking water and treatment of sewerage.

5. Council failed to undertake a Social Impact Assessment The establishment of a “Melbourne Islamic Centre” by a fundamentalist Pakistani Islamic group is matter of concern to the wider Melton community. To grant a planning permit for such a divisive project without assessing the social impact, may expose council to redress. At the very least, council should invite the applicant and their religious leadership to sign up to an undertaking similar to the ‘Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding’. This will go some way to address the valid concerns members of the community have with proponents of fundamental Islamic ideology. Summary

Council must reject the application in its current form. The application is substantially deficient and fails to address a number of relevant legal, social and environmental concerns.


IMPORTANT: Don't just copy/paste, but (re)write in your own words to ensure your objection counts. 

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we do not need any more mosques in melbourne.

No Mosque 🕌 For Melton !!!
This Is Australia 🇦🇺 - Not The Middle East !!!

How many Muslims are in that area, why do they need this facility who pays is it halal tax

The online form above will not accept ANY email address as valid. So therefore cannot be submitted. Can this please be fixed?

What is council hiding. No more Mosque, none, nil. A total disgrace for the Council not to open to public. If this goes ahead their will be a inquiry at the heighest level and I hope the councillors are sent to prison.

Although not a local resident, I do know for an ACTUAL FACT that ALL Councils MUST notify the public (via local newspapers, etc.) regarding proposed developments for 30 DAYS, before an application is approved, therefore giving the public time to lodge an objection..

This stinks of super shonky,shadey deals....stop the mosque now

As an Australian, I object to the evil and dangerous ideology that is Islam. It spreads hatred and separation as they do not assimilate. As a Christian I find it truly offensive to be threatened with death for non submission to this demonic cult. It must stop!

No Mosques- this isn’t the Middle East. You can’t build a church in their countries as they have zero tolerance of other religions. These people hate us and they do not integrate.

NO Mosque.

How ridiculous. I wonder if they have also given council a kickback. There are way too many mosqyes in Aust. as it is. Are not moslems less than 2 percent of the population. They use them for Islamic extremist centres.

No mosque for Melton,we have enough mosques already and stop keeping rate oayers in the dark

No Mosque for Melton. Stop this will bring more evil to Victoria. We've had enough

This country has had enough of mosques being erected! It's obvious this new 'holy place of worship' will be used to spew hatred against us and incite even MORE terror attacks in this country.

Just stop builfing mosques theres already enough

Stop this mosque

The Islamic community already have a Mosque in the Old Tafe College in Melton Sth. One is more than enough as per muslim population. I say NO to anymore in Melton.

I believe that there are more than enough mosques in Victoria and there for this one shouldn’t be built .

Bullshit...Just another breeding ground for animal molesting ragheads.

No more mosque

We need to consider the future of Australians first . People with bad
Culture that is proven but hidden should not be allowed to build such things and should adopt to our own . Myself and many others are concerned for our young that is the future of Australia. Wasting hard earned taxpayers money on lazy people is a disgusting

Leave our country alone

We already have temple ....mosque or whatever you call it on way down highway plumpton ...isnt that close enough...we dont want the islamic religion pushed on us ......the proposed site is harkness road this is residential ....well it was last time i looked
I think the council should protect our city . From this ..theres enough going here already ....i am sure ppl will know what i mean ...i dont want it....full stop

The people object to mosques being built in the area. The council is hid Ng this from the people. This council is corrupt and on the take.

No mosque

They need to do the right thing and this is not!
Can’t people see the problems it will have

they should leave this place well they can

No way do we want a mosque in Melton. Very sneaky trying to do it then s way.

No more mosques in Australia we do not want them we do not need them they are breeding grounds for hate, let's please not go down the road that Britain has .

No Way do you want this Melton Residents, Council sounds like its dominated by Muslims, need to get rid of them

There already a mosque here at bridge road & plans for a closed community in Melton south
There does not need to be any more bantering to a minor group in the area
The council needs to be sacked for this descision as it was years ago when found to be corrupt

As an Australian, I object to the mosque being built. I find it truly offensive to be threatened with death for non-submission to this demonic cult. It must stop!

No more mosques.

I do not live in the area but what you, the council, are doing is so very, very wrong and actually NOT LEGAL in regards to informing your residents of the plan to build a Mosque...Either you are blind or stupid to think that these people appreciate anything you will do for them, they are evil and only want to TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY AND WILL, WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU who have NOT got Australians interests at heart..SHAME ON YOU... NO MOSQUE!.

I don’t live in Melbourne but I strongly oppose the building of any further mosques anywhere in Australia. Melton council has breached the necessary rules by not notifying the public in the appropriate manner and the applicants named sound highly suspicious

West Melton resident

No way this is a out rage

We do not want or like Muslims here they
Will not assimilate to or with Australian
People laws or customs, they want to change
Everything to suit themselves yet they are willing
To accept our social security system and all it's
Benifits so please do not let them move into this place and destroy it by building an ugly mosque which would look quite out of place and is not required here.

No more mosques . Should be getting pulled down . They do no fit I. With our culture .plus They look hideous . If they wa to meet up use a hall . This is Australia

This Muslim invasion must STOP, The shires must STOP taking bribes.

No damn mosque for melton

We don’t need anymore mosques in Melbourne or Australia 🇦🇺

Why are you being so sneaky? Clearly its because you KNOW the locals would be up in arms about a mosque. Shame on all of you! You are voted in to your jobs to work for the greater good of the community, not be a puppet for a minority

This will ensure degradation and discrimination towards the females and gay community and under the Universal declaration of human rights states that in article 3
Everyone has the right to life , liberty and security of person
Article 4
No one will be held in slavery or servitude and slave trade shall be prohibited in all forms
Article 5
No one shall be subjected to torture OR to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment OR punishment
And this is what will happen if its built.

We do not need anymore mosques in Australia, they are a blight
on our landscape, if we only have 2 percent population
it is like there are enough mosques for every 10 people wake up they are taking over right under our noses

We do not need anymore mosques in Australia, they are a blight
on our landscape, if we only have 2 percent population
it is like there are enough mosques for every 10 people wake up they are taking over right under our noses

This must not be allowed, in Melton or anywhere in Australia.

"NO " no more mosques

We dont need any more mosques in thsi country. It is dividing communities.

This community does not need a mosque and until their is a commission into the religion and what teachings are actually occurring in these “centres” then we should postpone all future development. Australians and our beliefs, culture and foremost our safety need to be considered first before any new secretive Islamic centres

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