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Stand With Us In Wentworth

Stand With Us In Wentworth

Tony Robinson is our candidate for the Wentworth by-election on 20 October. Get on board and help Tony to promote ALA values and policies by handing out How To Vote cards at polling stations. Click here to register as volunteer.


You can download, print and share our info flyer and HTV card quickly from here.

Click on the image below to get the full size file. Print the double A5-size HTV card on a single A4 sheet and the candidate info on the back of the same sheet. We recommend at least 100gr/sqm for double-sided printing. Cut in half and you're ready to promote the right values and policies!

Or contact us for ready printed copies. 

ALA by-election A5 flyer r2FA-A4-1.jpg

ALA by-election A5 flyer r2FA-A4-2.jpg