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Yan Yean Siobhann Brown

Siobhann Brown Yan Yean


Siobhann was born in Seymour, northern Victoria. She is the proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran and was raised in a military family with a firm focus on Western values and Australian traditions. Siobhann has worked first as a project officer in disability services and now in the security industry.

The horrific murder of her first-born daughter Ashlee Brown in 2016 has cast Siobhann into the role of an accidental political activist. She is now passionate about combatting the Islamisation of our society and volunteers her time to inform girls and women about the risks of intercultural marriages.

Siobhann is engaged to be married. Protecting her community from crime, drugs, big government, divisive multiculturalism, overpopulation and oppressive political correctness are also high on her agenda. As your elected representative, Siobhann is determined to help families who struggle with increasing cost of living. Unsympathetic public services and state government agencies, which routinely neglect regional Victoria and the most vulnerable in her community, are firmly in Siobhann’s sights.

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