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South Australia

South Australia

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Wanda Marsh

Wanda Marsh

Senate Candidate for South Australia

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Wanda Marsh is a proud Australian. Her greatest passion is Australia and its people. A mother of three sons, South Australia has always been her home. She spent her early years in Pinnaroo, followed by schooling in Loxton. Growing up in the country and enjoying life on the magnificent river Murray, she learned to appreciate the diversity and rich complexity of our state.

She believes we need a strong central government that will protect Australians now and into the future: "We need to stand up for Australian values, values that are non-negotiable and address those that challenge Western civilisation". The intolerance we see towards democracy, freedom and equality of Australian culture has led her to become an ALA Senate candidate for South Australia.

It's hard to imagine the world without children that have hope for the future. The traditional family is the basic building block of our society. However, this concept is being diluted by the redefinition of family. Drugs, unemployment, ineffective education, health and aged care issues are added problems in our community.

Wanda's life has been shaped by running businesses, diverse roles as employee as well as volunteering in her community: Community work such as business management within the local aboriginal community, volunteering and coaching with local netball and football teams, as well as supporting people who suffer from the effects of sexual and physical abuse. Among all of this, she spent two years with Reclaim Australia. Her professional life and personal interests have guided and prepared her for the role of being an Australian Liberty Alliance candidate in the Senate.

Wanda believes that politics is not just a profession, but a commitment, a duty and a service to one's country. She has overcome several obstacles throughout her life with perseverance and a positive attitude. She is unafraid of challenges and encourages us all to rebuild Australia together.

Connect with Wanda by email email_address_wandamarsh or call 1300 717 144