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Bigpond Problems

11 October 2017
Telstra image

A number of members with Bigpond email accounts report that they do not receive our emails. After checking with Telstra support, it became clear that a number of organisations have the same problem sending emails to their members or customers with Bigpond accounts. Unfortunately, Telstra appears unwilling or unable to fix this problem any time soon.

While we cannot help from our end, we can recommend you use a different email service. For example:

Gmail by Google Inc:  

Free or paid version. Smart, reliable and versatile, but tracking users for marketing purposes. The free version is delivering targeted ads.

Fastmail by Fastmail Pty Ltd:

Modestly priced, seasoned and reliable Australia-based service provider. No tracking, no ads.

Protonmail by Proton Technologies AG:

Moderately priced and very secure service. CERN spin-off based in Switzerland. Ideal for those particularly concerned about their privacy. 

Please let us know when your email address changes by emailing