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President's Post Election Message

13 July 2016

dr-national-website-profile.pngDear Friends,

I am writing to thank supporters and volunteers for their momentous support and determination over the past weeks. It has been an amazing effort. The count so far makes it clear that, after only eight months, our message and party recognition was not strong enough to win seats at this election.

Supporters please take heart and feel proud of what has been achieved. We launched on 20th October 2015 from scratch. We built a foundation of members and supporters throughout the country with little to no mainstream advertising and a limited budget.

In less than 9 months we have come from nowhere to beat parties that have sitting Senators and existed much longer than ALA. In the national Senate count as of yesterday morning, there are 11 parties above and 41 below us. Below is a link to the national count.

The counting of votes continues with priority on House of Representative seats. A final result for the Senate could be weeks away. We understand almost 30% of Australians did not vote at their polling station on Saturday. Combine this with new electoral rules and the process is prolonged.

It's time now for the executive board to reflect on recent events and consider the feedback we are receiving. Comments from our coordinators and booth reps and their experience on polling day are welcome.

The executive board will meet on the 9th and 10th of July to discuss the way forward and formulate new strategies for Australian Liberty Alliance. Members will be kept updated.

This election has placed Australia in troubled waters. We must be prepared to respond swiftly, so that we can continue to stand tall and forge ahead.

Finally, I thank you for having the courage to Stand With Us!

Yours in Liberty,

Debbie Robinson
National President